Jul 08

Converting Ubuntu 12.04 LTS desktop to server.

I found myself recently having to convert a Ubuntu desktop install to server – its a long story.¬† Its a fairly simple process that can be done locally and remotely, bearing in mind the risks of remote server configurations. If you have a stock Ubuntu desktop, you’ll need to install the ssh package if you want to do this conversion remotely, otherwise get a console with¬† ‘ctl-alt-f2′.

The required steps are:

  • sudo apt-get install tasksel
  • sudo tasksel remove ubuntu-desktop (Note: this may take a few minutes to complete)
  • sudo tasksel install server
  • apt-get install linux-server linux-image-server
  • apt-get –purge remove lightdm

Providing all that went well, you can edit your /etc/default/grub configuration file to update the following settings:

  • ( Comment out ‘GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT’ )
  • GRUB_TERMINAL=console ( only for PC )
  • sudo update-grub

When the grub update has finished, you can reboot into Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server! You might also want to give your server a static IP and remove that pesky network-manager as well.